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I help exhausted parents make restful nights a reality by transforming their child’s sleep struggles into sleep successes

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Hey there! I am a once sleep-deprived, working physician assistant mom turned pediatric sleep specialist. I have a deep understanding of the stress and frustration that inconsistent sleep brings, and I am passionate about guiding families to restore happy, healthy sleep. I am here to make your sleep dreams become a reality!

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Kind Words

From Happy Dreamers

Amy K.

“If you’re contemplating a sleep coach; stop overthinking it and just do it! We were exhausted, irritable, and awake for 4-6 hours a night when our 21 month old decided he didn’t want to sleep anymore. Kendra turned us around so quickly. Three weeks later, we can now lay our son down awake and he puts himself to sleep. It has removed stress from bedtime, it’s allowed us more adult time. We can’t recommend Kendra enough!!”

Jen K.

“Kendra literally is our saving grace. My husband & I were severely sleep deprived and struggling with a good sleep pattern for our 5 month old son. The first night working with Kendra, we saw huge improvement. So thankful for Kendra and all that she did for our family!”

Brooke S.

“My 2 year old daughter started climbing out of her crib so we had to move her into a bed. Bedtime became a nightly battle and she would come out of her room multiple times per night. We tried everything but were continuing to struggle. With Kendra’a help, my daughter now falls asleep quickly at bedtime without a fight, and sleeps all night in her bed. I couldn’t thank Kendra enough for saving my family’s sanity!”

Steve D.

“Dovely Dreams was a life saver. Before receiving help, our little guy was up at all hours of the night. The tips and information provided helped tremendously! The little guy sleeps through the entire night now.”