Safe Sleep 7, Is it Actually Safe?

Did you know that September is baby safety month? Safety, among many other things, is at the top of our parent priority list. I’m sure you are diligent about checking that your child is secure in the carseat before taking off, ensuring no small objects are on the floor for your child to put in his/her mouth, and all those high risk choking foods are cut as small as possible to reduce the risk o[...]

9 Month Old Sleep Schedule

Nine months of age is such an exciting time; your little one is likely learning all sorts of new skills and their little personalities are starting to peek through. With all the changes and development around this age comes questions about nap and bedtime schedules, feeding times, wake windows, regressions and more. Let’s dive into these common questions a bit more. How much sleep does[...]

9-Month Sleep Regression: Is There Such A Thing?

You have put so much effort into your little one’s sleep and they have finally been sleeping blissful 11-hour nights; which means you are getting sleep as well! Then it’s almost as if someone snapped their fingers, your baby turned 9 months old and something changed. You just told your friend that your baby had been sleeping so well but now you are awake at 2 AM asking “why is my 9 month o[...]

5 Common Myths About Baby’s Sleep

As mother’s, we are immediately buried with feelings of love and gratitude after our child is first born. But with this, comes loads of advice, suggestions, and information. It is usually given with the best intentions, but it is also overwhelming nonetheless. I can clearly remember all the times I heard “You should,” “You’ll want to,” and “You’ve got too.” 

Will your baby EVER sleep through the night?

The complicated answer is NO. But the easy answer is, if your baby develops independent sleep skills, you would never know they are waking up! The science behind Why Your Baby Will Never Truly Sleep Through the Night — It’s a normal, natural part of the human sleep cycle to wake up multiple times per night. We’re all familiar with the various stages of sleep from our own experience. You m[...]

Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness Month

I first want to start off by saying, this is a vulnerable post. In fact, as I am typing, I cannot believe I am typing this. If you are struggling in this area in your life right now, and this could potentially be a trigger for you, please do not continue reading. To attempt to talk about something that we all know is far too common in women, and to allow myself to continue to grieve this process,[...]

I want to sleep train, but I can’t handle the crying

This is possibly THE most common objection I hear from potential clients. As parents, we are commonly jolted by our baby’s slightest expression of discomfort. Our instinct is to do anything in our power to stop a baby from crying. When our baby’s cries aren’t easily abated, we become frustrated and feel like failures as parents. This leads to a large pressure put on us as parents.

Bedtime Routine: The Deets

One of the easiest, and most effective tools you can implement to get your child to sleep through the night is to establish a bedtime routine. It’s no secret that children thrive on routine, and a bedtime routine is one of the foundations for successful sleep.  Choosing steps that are achievable night after night allows children to anticipate what happens next and ultimately learn that sleep is[...]

Is it safe to give my child melatonin?

You are gone all day at work, come home, get dinner ready, feed the kids, clean up the kitchen and then it’s bath time and into bed for the kids. It seems like you haven’t sat down all day and you can’t wait to get the kids in bed, finally have some peace and quiet, and time to relax and decompress from your day. That sounds like most of us right? But then suddenly, you find yourself in the[...]

Daycare & Sleep

This may be one of the biggest challenges you’ll face when you’re teaching your child those independent sleep skills. You have worked so hard at home on teaching those skills, but now you are about to put your child in someone else’s care for the day. Combining sleep training and daycare can be tough, but the good news is, it’s achievable. Sending your little one to daycare is not going to[...]